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Module X Solutions designs and manufactures blast resistant buildings with safety and protection as the guideline for our protective building systems.   MXS’s structurally superior protective building line sets us apart in the industry and is designed to combat vapor cloud explosions, which are common threats in petrochemical facilities.   Our modular solutions provide the highest levels of protection and security for personnel and equipment, with a range of designs and layouts which consist of single, multi-module interconnecting, and large clear span units.

 The quality and customer service experience associated with our solutions create a unique product offering that is the finest in the industry.  Our clients are the recipients of highly and properly engineered solutions supported by a dedicated and experienced team. Constantly focused on product integrity and continuous improvement, MXS’s top priority is to provide our clients with solutions that protect their most important assets.  

 MXS can provide standard or specialized/customizable products in order to fit your requirements. We can build per specifications and are willing to assist in the design and specification creation and qualification process.  Our team members have partnered with many customers on specialized building projects and because of our extensive design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities we can provide and incorporate any number of options into your project.


Competitive Advantages


Mechanical Fastening System


Improving the flexibility and installation of blast resistant buildings

 Module X Solutions utilizes proprietary building technology to increase overall customer value by an improved design of blast resistant buildings. The patented mechanical fastening system we incorporate into our product line drastically reduces the installation process for blast resistant modular buildings.

The traditional method of installing these buildings involves a more expensive and time consuming welding process.  This proprietary solution allows our customers to have more flexibility, while controlling field installation costs, reducing site insurance liability, and increased speed of deployment of a fully integrated engineered solution.

 The mechanical fastening system benefits:


When compared to the traditional welded method of installing a 24’ x 40’ complex, mechanical fastening offers approximately a 7 to 1 reduction ratio in installation time. Therefore, in less than the time it takes to weld the interior and exterior seams, a building with our mechanical fastening system can be completely installed and occupied.


X-GAP (Deformation Barrier)

 Our proprietary X-Gap Deformation Barrier engineered solution is the safest and most protective design in the marketplace. With the X-Gap, our clients receive an added level of safety for occupants and/or equipment inside of the structure. The X-Gap prevents equipment, furniture, and other objects inside the modular building from becoming projectiles during a blast event.

 "Protecting you against the secondary effects of a blast."


Projectile Engineering

Many blast resistant building providers do not provide complete protection from an explosion; they simply provide protection from the blast overpressures. It is vital that consumers understand that blast engineering does not consider projectiles or flying debris, it only incorporates the effects of blast overpressures. 

Module X Solutions has a standard for projectiles that can be applied to any building we manufacture.  Additionally, we can provide new projectile engineering for any unique design requirements.


Structural Design Options


Benefits of an MXS Protective Building


Protective Building Types










Protective Building Design Elements


Standard Building Product




Additional Building options


Other Protective Building Optional Design Criteria


Standard Buildings

 MXS has developed several standard building layouts that are proven efficient designs and allow us to immediately begin manufacturing your protective building(s) to meet quick turnaround schedules. The most common of these 12×40 layouts are open, two offices, and two offices with restroom.

These buildings are not only blast resistant, but are also engineered to provide the necessary protection against projectiles and flying debris, an obvious threat in the event of an explosion. These unparalleled levels of safety along with full mechanical integrity documentation are just a few of the main reasons why customers choose Module X Solutions over our competition.  Our solutions are considered critical safety equipment and the best line of defense against blast/explosions anywhere in the world.


















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