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In partnership with Mobile Grid, a leading provider of integrated power systems, Module X Oldcastle is a licensed manufacturer and retailer of Mobile Gridʼs juiceBOX family of solar generators and microgrid products. Scalable and adaptable by design, the juiceBOX product line is capable of serving a wide range of industries such as telecommunications, oil and gas, and humanitarian to provide infrastructure where utilities are unreliable or unavailable. JuiceBOX units can work in conjunction with other building products offered by MXO to provide integrated, turnkey solutions for our customers worldwide. JuiceBOX units consist of an ISO container (available in 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, 48ft, and 53ft standard sizes) outfitted with Mobile Grid's proprietary solar racking and endcap housing batteries, inverters, and user controls. Container modifications and interior buildout are available upon request:









Mobile Gridʼs juiceBOX 10 standard and plus models are designed for low power applications such as recreational usage in parks and rural sites, lighting and security perimeters, and residential backyard storage. The juiceBOX 10 platform is also an alternative to traditional roof mounted solar installations, allowing customers greater flexibility whether using the system to reduce utility costs in grid connected mode or operating the unit as a backup generator when the grid fails.

Mobile Gridʼs juiceBOX 20/40/48/53 standard and plus models are designed for moderate power applications such as job-site offices, educational and humanitarian efforts, and commercial storefronts. The juiceBOX 20/40/48/53 platform provides opportunities for additional battery and equipment storage along with a blank canvas for custom interiors. For large international orders, juiceBOXʼs bolt together solar rack and components can ship inside the container for assembly in country under the supervision of Mobile Grid.

Mobile Gridʼs juiceBOX 20/40/48/53 pro and pro plus models are designed for extreme weather environments and high power applications such as emergency response and disaster relief, telecommunications infrastructure, and rural microgrids. The juiceBOX 20/40/48/53 pro platform provides opportunities for additional battery and equipment storage along with a blank canvas for custom interiors. For large international orders, juiceBOX proʼs welded solar rack can ship separately for assembly in country under the supervision of Mobile Grid.

For more information on these and other integration power system solutions and the JuiceBOX platform please visit Mobile Grid at mobilegrid.com











 The renewables industry is a unique and ever evolving market where the MXS team has designed, engineered and manufactured both domestic and international power conversion stations for a large number of solar projects. The hands on electrical engineering team has a great reputation with helping our clients with the required solution(s) that meets each projects specific needs.  Ensuring confidence that their project is in great hands supported by the MXS team from project creation to completion is our goal and ingrained in our culture.

Our 3D design/engineering capabilities and team members enable us to provide a competitive advantage to our clientele. We offer solutions ranging from consulting engineering services to turn key manufactured products.  Encompassing many years of industry relationships and proven successful project experience with power conversion skid projects up to 2MW in size.  Vast equipment storage capabilities for large project implementation, coupled with manufacturing flexibility with either concrete or steel skid options, supported by engineering excellence, makes MXS the preferred choice for your solar powered conversion station needs.


Sustainability from alternative energy sources is extremely important to our clients, company and mankind!


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